Into the Unknown

The life we live comes from the beliefs we embrace. 

I gave this platform a name of intention. Flourishing by Faith isn’t just a catchy name; it is something we are called to do every day. You and I have the opportunity to wake up and step out into the unknown full of confidence because it’s is our faith that paves the way and causes us to FLOURISH.  

Sometimes to discover the mystery of what is next, you, just like Peter, will need to step out of the boat.  

Life with Jesus includes stepping out into the great unknown and trusting, and God wants to equip you for that journey. Every circumstance and moment of life can be a new discovery about a facet of who God is and a revelation of what is to come. 

 Don’t be afraid of drowning when you are living by faith. Your heart will take you where your head can’t fit.  

His goodness is beyond our ability to comprehend, but not our ability to experience. 

Be Expectant! Expectation is a form of faith. Your expectation is the belief that what you’re hoping for is actually going to happen, not your back up plan to take care of yourself in case it doesn’t. God has been preparing you.You just haven’t realized that you have been in his school. You need to move in the direction that you are believing for!! 

Whatever “new thing” you need, expect it. Look for it. And move toward it. 

Step out into the unknown and obediently follow Christ with your eyes wide open to every facet of His faithfulness. Make more room for others, make more space for God, and watch Him make more of your dreams.   

Take hold of what He is calling you to do. Don’t waver or put it off. There are people waiting for you to share what He has placed inside of you, and He will always be faithful to keep you overflowing. I am proof of that! The perfect moment is right now!! Stop trying to have all the answers before launching into the unknown.

This nation needs people like you and me to step out in faith to inspire them to be all they were born for.  

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