Missed it!

Never compromise the vision or the process that God has given you. Most of us, overestimate how much control we have and underestimate the choice we have. You never really have control in a situation, but you ALWAYS have a choice. Instead of blaming your current situation on decision you made, see it as an opportunity to ask yourself to questions: “Where have you come from”? and “Where are you going”? You can either forcefully do things your own way or flee from waiting to see what God has in store for you by being in the driver’s seat of your vehicle AKA your life.

Refocus and Pursue God

How many times have we blamed our circumstances for missing our opportunities? We need to stop focusing on the “stuff” that allow us to survive and missing the things that allow us to thrive. When you live a life with focus, you have the energy to live the life you were created to live. God is not supposed to be our back up plan, He needs to be a priority. Pursue God first and watch how He brings everything together. There is a blessing found when you are in alignment with your assignment.