I Saw the Light.

Sometimes God has to interrupt you and pull you away from what is “comfortable” to propel you to your calling. This is an invitation of separation to prepare you for your purpose. Don’t trade in what is special for similar {Stop trying to look like what you came from!}. God wants to create a separation so that the only thing that shines is what He spoke.

Major Key Alert

Sometimes you can get to your goal and not realize it because, you are reaching for the wrong things. Reset your goals to become goals that are worth getting to.

Refocus and Pursue God

How many times have we blamed our circumstances for missing our opportunities? We need to stop focusing on the “stuff” that allow us to survive and missing the things that allow us to thrive. When you live a life with focus, you have the energy to live the life you were created to live. God is not supposed to be our back up plan, He needs to be a priority. Pursue God first and watch how He brings everything together. There is a blessing found when you are in alignment with your assignment.