I Saw the Light.

Have you noticed that sometime you make exceptions to add things in you calendar, in your mind, or in your wallet (Hello! Sale at Zara or Nordstrom LOL). You have to make room for what God wants to do supernaturally in you and through you. You are missing out on opportunities because you are too busy. Thankfully for us, God has a way of getting our attention by stopping us on the road to Damascus. Some of life’s greatest invitations come disguised as an interruption. Magnify the opportunity! The way you see that interruption will determine the way you feel about it. If you see an invitation, you will feel the anticipation.

The thing that makes you different is what will drive you towards your destiny.

Sometimes God has to interrupt you and pull you away from what is “comfortable” to propel you to your calling. This is an invitation of separation to prepare you for your purpose. Don’t trade in what is special for similar {Stop trying to look like what you came from!}. God wants to create a separation so that the only thing that shines is what He spoke.

It is time to stretch before the race begins. Sometimes when it looks like you are going backwards, all God is doing is stretching you to make space where He can bless you. You can’t fulfill your calling in your comfort zone. God will increase your capacity out of your comfort zone to prepare you to grow. The work of the spirit inside of you is too big for the relationships and the places you have settled for. There is more in store for you. Be grateful where you are at and, you will appreciate where you will go. Your praise will set up a thank you while you blessing is still in transit. Begin to prepare your shout of triumph and celebrate the moment where you are at to have strength to move on to where you want to be.

Through every season, God is faithful and God is stable. Allow God not only to bring you out of Egypt, but also to drown Egypt out of you. Remember, as your run this race, the only way towards victory is to move forward through F A I T H.

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