Obedience in the Waiting.

What source are you depending on to meet all of your needs? Is it your steady, 9-5 job? Is it your significant other? Is it your faith in Christ? When we depend on the wrong things in life, it will often dethrone the ultimate source (Christ) because “it” will ultimately fail us. Are you putting in the right nutrients in your body to support your immune system? As long as you depend on _____________ for your support, you can’t know the blessing of God as your source. Your provision always awaits your obedience and, God will always put your provision in the place that he desires to plant you.

OBEDIENCE. For some more than others, it is a word easier said than done. It is faster to do things “your own way” instead of waiting for God to send manna down from heaven. Speaking of Manna, God provided for the Israelites every day as they were heading towards the promise land. They were walking in the wilderness day and night but God NEVER failed them. However, there was a problem with how the Israelites saw their current situation. You see, In Egypt, the Israelites were being oppressed by the Pharaoh and Moses took them out of Egypt on the road to the promised land God had revealed to Moses. God’s people got tired and weary in the process and began to complain and grumble because they were not there yet. The Israelites began to long for their captivity in Egypt because, the big picture that God had promised was still in transit and instead they began to rely and put their faith in Baal (a wooden god) that was not going to meet their expectations.

It is very easy to get weary in the process and begin to wonder if God really promised you something. Worry not and begin to rejoice because, our God does not waver and he will fulfill what He promised in His timing not yours. Sometimes God will stop the flow of manna and will shut down the sky in order to reveal to you His calling. You may be in a famine or in a drought in your life but you will never have a lack in the word of God. He is always speaking to you where you are (through what you have and what you don’t have). God does not want you to depend on something that does not have his support in Him.

Your position will always be in line with your purpose. God will always put your provision in the place He desires to plant you. Be patient and obedient to see past the mess, God is always up to something.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Soo good Dani!


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