Cross Over

It is time to step into something new. The Israelites went from slaves to survivors and then from survivors to settlers. It takes faith to cross over; it is about breaking out of the circumference of certainty into waiting in the waters of uncertainty. This is the kind of faith that only makes sense on the other side. Crossing over to the other side creates a psychological progression that creates change in your life.

It’s a Lifestyle.

Sometimes we feel like we need all this elaborate training, knowledge, or even background when, faith is meant to be more than a formality. Faith is patience with mystery and, the opposite of that is certainty. You usually don’t stretch yourself to a territory that enables the faith that you need for the challenge you are going to face because, it is uncomfortable.  Since we have such a situational view of God, most of our lives are spent trying to fix that situation.

Sweetness + Strength

You won’t be able to strengthen others if you don’t strengthen yourself. It is possible that you may be failing NOT because you are weak but because you are not well fed.  If you don’t eat what is sweet (Jonathan ate of the honey), you will always turn to something bitter. Don’t let bitter people keep you from enjoying God’s blessings. Win a battle and take a bite! Don’t deprive yourself from what God put in your path to develop you because, if you don’t fill up on the honey that God provides, your appetite will find another way to be satisfied.

The Secret is in Waiting.

Who are you waiting on today? Are you trusting your current circumstances or are you waiting on God who is working on your behalf? As you choose to wait upon God, He will not only renew your strength, you will be able to run all the way to the finish line. Don’t despise the season that you are in because God is developing something in you for what is next. What you currently see is only a “sneak peek” of what God wants to do in you and through you. It is in this season of waiting that you discover who God is and who you are in God.