Cross Over

When I was growing up, there were seasons in my life where I had to let go and give away some things that I no longer needed. I remember the feeling I had of longing what I left behind and I believe  the same thing can be seen in Joshua Chapter 1, where the Israelites were wishing Egypt was their home again because they could not see the promised land. Just to give you some context, Joshua is part of a generational transition. Moses took the Israelites out of Egypt and now it was Joshua’s time to lead the people into the promised land. If you don’t understand how somebody has wandered in the wilderness, you won’t be able to understand the excitement about their deliverance.

In chapter two, Joshua sent out two spies into the land to scout the people that were there. Joshua saw the importance of having the right relationships in one’s circle of influence. {TWO. DOS. 2.} There is something significant about two spies. Joshua only sent two spies because in the season of transition, you have to limit your circle to only the people who are going to see this season through the eyes of faith. If you end up with the wrong crowd, you will never cross to the right place.

It is time to step into something new. The Israelites went from slaves to survivors and then from survivors to settlers. It takes faith to cross over; it is about breaking out of the circumference of certainty into waiting in the waters of uncertainty. This is the kind of faith that only makes sense on the other side. Crossing over to the other side creates a psychological progression that creates change in your life.

Transition is hard. Whoever said it wasn’t LIED! Everyone has lost something, maybe it is a dream, a relationship, or even a business deal, and it is in the context of loss that God calls Joshua to cross over to what is next. The presence of God had to go before the people so that their eyes were not fixed on what they lost, but for their eyes to be fixed on what God is leading them ahead.

While your faith looks forward, point back to what God has done. You will be blessed in the city and, you will blessed in the fields. Don’t get comfortable with how God is orchestrating things in your life or believe that He is stationary because, He is ALWAYS pointing to your future.

Don’t let what is behind you make you miss what is before you. There are some things you won’t be able to take with you and that is ok. You don’t get to choose what river you are going to cross to but you do get to choose what to carry.

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