More than a Conqueror

It is so great to be back in Miami! Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to be in Dallas, TX for the Flourish Conference. Not only did I get to learn from so many incredible women but, I feel the best part for me was being able to build closer relationships while on this trip. Anytime that God peels back your persona, you get to the core of who you are and that is what God blesses the most. If you will devote yourself to the issues within you, He will handle the issues around you. You are able to overcome with what is on the inside of you!  If God didn’t want you to win, why did He call you more than a conqueror. If you get stuck in your deficiency, you will always surrender to your struggle but once you realize you have all that you need, whatever God left out was on purpose.

Often it is easier to reduce our theology to the level of our reality than to bring our reality to the level of our theology. What is there to worry if God has already given you the victory. You may be in the fourth quarter getting ready for overtime but, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve already won. Your life is not contingent upon anyone or anything that is no longer with you or that has left you. God will not let anyone who left you, limit you to where He is taking you.

Be strategic and intentional in the way that you navigate and make decisions for your life. By being intentional, you will set your focus and block out distractions. If you will be successful, God will send you the support that you need when you step out. If intention is the engine, initiative is the ignition. Be faithful in the measure of your rule. There isn’t ANYTHING you can’t overcome by the spirit. Don’t allow the flesh to undo what the spirit has done within you. It is not in what you say, it is in what you do. Be obedient to what God has called you to do. It is amazing what happens when you are faithful.

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