Our Glorious Response

Isn’t it tiring to wait in line for the hours in the sunny, 90 degree Miami weather for your favorite milkshakes and sticky buns at Knaus Berry Farms? I know that after a hour, I am anxious to get to the front in order to receive the items that I came for. In the same way that I am eager to get to the front and stop waiting in line, I am ecstatic to listen and see what God is doing as I am in this season of waiting.  A thought came to me the other day that I think is crucial when it comes to the mindset and response we have in the meanwhile which is: We get switched up and we think that we are waiting on God to respond and He is really waiting on us to respond. {Drops Mics and Walks of the stage. LOL} God is not obligated to give you all the details. He wants to see where the root of our confidence and trust is at. Confidence is simply defined as I may not have this figured out or altogether but I have a God that has got this.

In Mark 6:30-44, we see the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand (this doesn’t even count the women and the children). At first, the disciples were skeptical and worried when Jesus told them to go and find food to feed the multitude. How were they going to feed five thousand with only five loaves of bread and two fish? It was when the disciples confidently brought what they had to Jesus and trusted that He was able to put aside their inabilities and multiply their findings that the miracle occurred. Jesus wanted to see if they were confident in Him when they were uncertain of the situation.

“God guards me, keeps me in perfect and constant peace because my mind (both its inclination and its character) is stayed on Him, because I commit myself to Him, lean on Him and hope confidently in Him”. (Isaiah 26:3)

 What is your song in the midst of your current situation (whether it is in the “waiting season” or not)? Let your song be a song of adoration that resounds to the depths of the earth, something so loud that can break the chains that hold you back just as God did for Paul and Silas while they were in prison. Worship will always remind of how GREAT our God is. Magnify the answer to the solution, not the problem or the hindrance.

Three Major Keys I want to leave you with:

  1. Don’t be comfort driven. Fall in love with being consumed with your calling and with the uncomfortable.
  2. Have Confidence is knowing that; God has got this. Remember, confidence is what you put in something other than you. (certainty revolves around your own ability.)
  3. God will use your inabilities and gifts not only to bless you but to bless others too!

The right place for you at the moment is to be where Jesus wants you to be.

Stand on His Promises!

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