It’s Worth it.

It gets really easy to become discouraged or disappointed when what you see in the natural does not align with the plan or the promise that God gave you. Have you ever felt like this and in return you get distracted from the calling that is right in front of you?

Anything that catches your attention that is out of the will or the timing of God is a distraction. God has spoken destiny into your life (whether it has been audible or not) which means, there is territory for you to take. Get so full of faith that, you won’t have any room for doubt. If your strength is in God, you will keep on persevering and walking through until you are out of the desert. What is it that is holding you back from embracing your destiny? Are you pursuing what looks good on paper now and will last for a short amount of time or are you running your race towards the imperishable, the eternal? Maturity in life is knowing to distinguish between what is worth it and what is worthless.  These temporary things that you pursue sometimes don’t matter and pale in comparison with what it means to invest in eternal things. If you embrace the spirit led life, you won’t be so worried about failing; Instead, you will be focused on what He is calling you to do. Be obedient to trust God in unexpected opportunities. It is worthless to pursue popularity at the expense of your purpose.

Sometimes the decisions that you make, don’t make sense because they are based on your faith in Christ (AKA the evidence of things hoped for AKA the unseen). However, there is one thing you can be sure of: When you work for God, He works in you and through you and GREATER things shall you do. Don’t stray away when things get difficult or when they don’t come out as planned, T R U S T. The value (how much it worth to you) that you place on what God has for you is proven and manifested by what you are willing to walk away from the follow Him.

If you ever aspire to greatness, life will come at you hard. You need to remember who you are to God and what He means to you. Mediocrity comes easy and, the life God wants to give to you; you cannot walk into without Him. Keep this in mind: When you get into the river, which is the spirit of God, He will elevate you and will show you things beyond your wildest dreams.

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