Heart Matters.

Happiness is a path that is connected to God’s word. Everyday, you have the choice to believe and trust that God is faithful to complete what he started and what he put inside of your heart. Many times, your flesh gets impatient and settles for less because your thoughts are not aligned with what you believe. Every decision that you end up doing is a result of what you started thinking. Everything that you started thinking was contributing to how you were feeling. Our #HeartMatters and, the attitude of our heart will always reflect the activity of our mind.

 Your feelings and your faith flow from your heart, they can not be separated. “I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow”! (John 15:11 NLT) Guard your heart and CHOOSE JOY! In John Chapter 15, Jesus was speaking to His disciples to remain in His love and to obey His commandments. In order to endure what he suffered, joy went before him. Jesus and joy are not opposites, they are intertwined.

Everything that you do flows from who you are. You can’t guard what you do not own. Don’t let your emotions be someone else’s property. Since when was your happiness based on somebody else’s’ job description. Take ownership of your thoughts, your attitudes, and your emotions. You may not be able to control what is around you but, you can control what is within you. The way that your heart feels is a result of what your mind concentrates on. Don’t be overcome by something that Jesus already defeated.

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