Prepared for Greatness

Greatness is never the result of an easy environment or of ideal circumstances. How many times have you used your current situation as an excuse to feel a certain way or to justify your actions? You are the son and the daughter of the Everlasting God, who turns your mess into a message and who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Rise up and  take your light into the darkness. You elevate the room when you stop using your environment as an excuse to keeping you down. You need to make a decision to remind yourself that you are independent of where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced. Prepare yourself for GREATNESS! It does not matter what others say, what matters is who you must become.

I wouldn’t write something from a place that I have not been before. I decided that I was going to challenge myself this year and that, I was going to prepare myself for greatness. Everyday, I make a choice to be consistent with what I am passionate about and with learning the new things God wants to show me. I have decided to do this daily and, you can too! Don’t wait for a reason to maximize who you are and to optimize your talent, skills, and abilities. Your family, your friends, and ultimately, this world needs you to be at your highest level of competency.

Don’t live at other’s expectations and settle for less than what God has placed on the inside of you. It is time for you to go deeper in your level of commitment.Don’t allow the status quo to define who you are and set a new standard of excellence.  Refuse to accept a level of faith that is nothing less than extraordinary, God will ALWAYS call you to more.

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