In my previous post, I spoke about the importance of cultivating a relationship with God, with others, and with the world (each other) and how living a #WildAndUntamed lifestyle has changed many things in my personal life. I also took you to the city of Philippi where Paul and Silas were in prison and how their chains could not stop their praise. We learned that some of the most powerful relationships are forged when iron crosses iron and the resulting friction sharpens both.

The stronger my relationship with God is, the more selfless I become. Notice, I said selfless not selfish. You see, we live in a world today where “It’s all about ME” dominates society.

Jesus made a way for you to be in this world but no longer of it because, you move through this earth in Him. On the cross, God leveraged all that you are for all that you could be. He became like you so that you could become like Him.

The Christian life is not me first; it is the kingdom first.

Seek first the kingdom and everything else will be blessed.

Get in alignment with what God says about you. What you are passionate about is what you activate. Don’t let your past come in the way of seeking Jesus; you have control of your present.

The only person that is responsible for your actions (and your thinking) is you.

Jesus is not an addition to your life; He is the focal point.

When you are brave enough to leave behind what is not working, you will find victory in some unexpected places. On its own, vision has limitations, but when linked to the cause of Christ, it has supernatural power and purpose. When you surrender your vision and future into God’s hands and align this with His will, your life is a simply a miracle waiting to happen. The cause of Christ will take your personal vision, your passions, your dreams, and your goals to levels you never could have imagined.

The Jesus factor needs to be the predominant factor. As you are obedient to the voice of God, God will pause what you are doing and will instruct you with what He wants you to be doing. Our effectiveness in the kingdom is directly proportional to our willingness to risk the disapproval of man for the approval of God.

Stop questioning the voice of God in your life.

Gods uses people like you and I in extraordinary ways.

Don’t get caught up in your limitations! It is less about the strength of your faith and more about the object of your faith.

Be confident in who Jesus is!

Man cannot push back what God has called (you) forward.

STAY in the field.

State powerful declarations and sing words like:

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders

Let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me

Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander

And my faith will be made stronger

In the presence of my Savior.” (Oceans // Hillsong United)

What you focus on, you magnify. When you magnify something you don’t change the size of the object, you only change your perception of it.

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