Focus Matters

As a blogger and “creative”. I am always working hand in hand with different people to make the vision that is on my heart comes to life. When it comes to photography, I am always making sure that the frame is in the right focus to obtain the desired results for Flourishing by Faith. I have learned that just as the right focus is essential in when capturing the perfect photo, focus plays an important role in our faith. You see; when you allow things in your frame to break your focus, your faith is weakened and you will never build a solid foundation with a weak focus.

Your faith is your frame.

Since faith is the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things unseen; it is also the invisible connection point by which you reach out and grab what you are hoping for and you are bringing it right into this present moment. Sometimes, you just need to zoom out and change your frame of reference. You can’t just set your frame up and leave it still. You need to anticipate what will happen next.

You don’t have to move out in fear; remind yourself who you are and what our heavenly father says about you.


You ARE more than a conqueror.

You CAN do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength.

You ARE a child of God.

If God is FOR you, who dare be against you!


What would happen if you would frame up your faith when your week started?

I challenge you to start off your day with worship and then begin by declaring positive things about yourself.

I recently wrote a list titled “Dani’s Daily Confessions” and these are just a few of the declarations that I have written:

“Jesus is first in my life.

I wake up with purpose, direction, and meaning every day of my life.

I am creative, innovative, driven, focused, and blessed beyond measure because the holy spirit dwells within me.

I love people and believe the best about them.

I will nurture, equip, and empower millennials to do more for God’s kingdom than they can ever imagine!”

What are things that you can declare over your own life every, single day?

Make a list and right them down.

Don’t get so caught up in the winds and the waves that you leave behind the One who walked on water.

God didn’t call you to frame somebody else’s life, He called you to frame yours.




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