Purpose in the Hands of an Artisan

Learning about Contemporary Art these past few weeks has taught me many things, but the main idea that sticks out to me is the authority and creative liberty that an Artisan possesses. My personal definition of an artisan is a creator who understands the significance of authenticity and the essence of having a deep and profound spiritual journey that reflects who an individual truly is. There is often a journey before one can display the masterpiece that once was a blank canvas.

The masterpiece of our lives is composed of what God is doing in us, not just what we are doing for others. It shifts our eyes to see what God is accomplishing through us, not just what we are accomplishing on our own. Influencers lead from the inside out so that their identity shapes their leadership.

Your creativity reflects the DNA of your creator and as an artisan, your life tells a great story.

Purpose will shape the way you speak about your future, what you believe about God and about yourself, and about what you have faith for.

Your achievements however noble, are not important. Your credentials, as remarkable as they may be, are of no concern. God is the force behind this journey. His strength is the key factor. Focus not on your strength, but his. Occupy yourself with the nature of God, not the size of your bicep.” – Max Lucado

Your past can give someone else a future if only you are willing to open up your mouth and share the wisdom that you have learned.

Words reveal your values and culture. The more familiar you are with something; the more words you have to describe it.

Being an Artisan is being someone who explores new ideas and acts upon them while inspiring others to create something bigger than themselves and to see beyond what is in front of them.

It is the act of stepping out unto uncharted waters knowing that your faith will allow you to stand.

Expect the Unexpected.

Make Room and allow yourself to collaborate with God on His Great Masterpiece for You.

Be the Artisan who is not conformed with the decisions of our nation and dare to do something for the betterment of our constituents.

Know that there is purpose already on the inside of that is waiting to explode.

Will you tap into your unlimited potential or will you be confined to the shackles that hold you down?

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