Look Ahead

Summer is almost over and, fall is right around the corner. If you go to the mall, you can see that the stores are beginning to bring out all of the leather and suede jackets, the cardigans, the boots and, everything you need in order to be prepared for this new season. I love looking at the new collections every designer presents during fashion week because, I can patiently expect and know that there is something new coming on the horizon.

You and I can confidently trust on the promises God has for us in the new.

Maybe the business deal you are waiting for hasn’t gone through, or the opportunity you have been praying for is not here yet, or even the right person hasn’t come into your life however, don’t start looking to the left or to the right, look ahead! What is ahead of you is greater than what is behind you. God does not want to just meet your needs or give you the desires of your heart; He wants to fill your storehouse with exceedingly, abundantly type of blessings that surpass all the you can ask, think or imagine!

God is preparing you. 

We expect for what we want to be as easy as setting a time on the microwave and having our “meal” in just minutes yet, our heavenly father does not operate on our agenda but on His. Sometimes, we are asking God to reveal his presence and provision in our lives when we already have heaven’s attention. It has nothing to do with if God is paying attention to you or I, it is all about if you are paying attention to God. The open door is never behind you; it is A L W A Y S before you.

Faith -= Anticipation – Anxiety

Faith gives me the ability to say, “whatever is next, Lord. I am ready.”

God’s plan for this next season of your life is bigger and better than your happiness. Never stop praising Him in your circumstances because, that is when you remind yourself that what you are going through pales in comparison to who God is.

What are you planting in your field this fall?

The seed of greatness is faithfulness.

You weren’t called to live an average life; you were called to live an extraordinary life.

The size of your faith might not change your circumstance but you can see your current season and your future from heaven’s perspective.

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