Perspective Dictates Direction

Recently, I took a class in which I learned about how aesthetics can challenge values by looking at the contemporary art movements throughout history. Having the opportunity to curate an exhibition allowed me to see how an artist can breakdown the barriers between the artwork and the viewer. Because of this year-long course, I was able to learn about the transcendental nature of art which automatically got me thinking about faith. You see, the vantage point from which you see things will determine the art you create.

My professor’s goal was to share perspective with people who were different. As a person who passionately follows Jesus and enjoys sharing who He is with others, it is through writing that I have learned how authenticity and love transcends cultural differences and even preferences.

You cannot mentor (teach, lead, counsel) people whose perspective you are not willing to understand.

If God places you somewhere, He wants you to take responsibility for the people (and the place) He has given you.

Whether you like it or not, you are a work in progress. God loves you so much He takes you as you are and changes you daily. If the gospel was about being ready, none of us  would get there.Our world loves to glorify the finished product. However, our God takes pleasure in glorifying the work in progress. Everywhere you go you have the presence of God going with you. Open up your heart and be receptive to allowing the Spirit to empower you so that nothing can stop you from fulfilling God’s intention for your life.

Some of you don’t need a position change, you need a perspective change.

Your story brings others into the story of God. You have the ability to share with others who Jesus is, so that they can fully discover who they are called to be. The life that Jesus brings always produces life in someone else because; they have been impacted, influenced, and transformed by His presence which automatically redirects their purpose.

You can’t create something new, if you don’t allow God to do something new.

If you want to be a voice, you must first listen. Your life speaks louder than your words….

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