Fashioned for Greatness

From Slaves to Sons.

I absolutely love this metaphor because, it talks about the new identity we carry once we go all in and completely surrender our lives to Christ and begin a relationship with Him. We once were in debt because of our inequities and now we are able to walk in freedom because of the love that Jesus showed us on Calvary.

I know this may sound like something that should be ingrained in our hearts and in our minds yet sometimes, this truth is the last thing we remember of. My spirit always assures me and reminds me of what Christ has done for me and for all of humanity, which is what compels and draws me in to seek more and discover who Jesus is and what he has called me and put within me to do, not for my namesake but for his glory. I understand that my life experiences are not the same as the distinct individuals that live life day by day globally, which is why I strive to exhibit compassion and see others how my Heavenly Father sees them.

It is important for you to understand what your life is supposed to be about.

How many people are limited by their own thinking, their own insecurities, or even the voices they have allowed others to speak over them? MANY.

Has it come to you that, maybe your answer may be limiting the movement of God in your life.

Attached to understanding one’s life purpose is knowing who our creator is.

My God has shown me daily that even though I may not have a relationship with my earthly father; I have an incredible heavenly father who is filled with mercy, love, and grace; who always surpasses my expectations and reminds me of the open and expansive life that I can live and that the smallness I may feel at times comes from within me and N O T from Him.

What you have will become the catalyst of God pouring into your life what He has.

Make decisions that align with the future that you want.

Trust that the Lord will meet you along the way!

When you see what God wants to do, you will see that you are dreaming too small.

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