You’ve Already Won.

Faith and reason are not opposed, but when reason can’t take another step; faith keeps right on walking. If things are going to change, you need to change your environment, your company, and what you say. You only change by the places you go and the people you get around.

Our Glorious Response

We get switched up and we think that we are waiting on God to respond and He is really waiting on us to respond. God is not obligated to give you all the details. He wants to see where the root of our confidence and trust is at.

Mission Minded

Until you are willing to move from the safety of the shore unto the danger of the deep, you will never know the fullness of God’s riches in your life because it is in that moment that you become a proof of Jesus to the world. There is nothing more liberating knowing that a life with Jesus is not just the right way to live but, the best way to live. Stay faithful in the ins and outs, and watch how God rewards you.

What are you praying for?

Sometimes it is hard to walk away from what seems perfect at the moment and what seems aligned with the present season of your life. However, there are certain things God is calling us to let go in order to move forward with what we are believing in faith for. Doing the right thing and being obedient to God allows you to move through the process faster and more aware of what is to come.

Refocus and Pursue God

How many times have we blamed our circumstances for missing our opportunities? We need to stop focusing on the “stuff” that allow us to survive and missing the things that allow us to thrive. When you live a life with focus, you have the energy to live the life you were created to live. God is not supposed to be our back up plan, He needs to be a priority. Pursue God first and watch how He brings everything together. There is a blessing found when you are in alignment with your assignment.

The Best is Yet to Come.

In this new season, what are you expecting for? What are your dreams and passions?

Our perspective is limited by what we see on earth, which keeps us from recognizing the invisible and unlimited resources of our father in heaven. Be expectant for what is to come! The best stories are still untold and, the best lines are still unwritten.